TA Connect Program

Teaching assistants are on the front line of teaching, and contribute greatly to undergraduate education at U of C. We need a program to support students’ work as a teaching assistant and keep them informed of the resources, support measures and initiatives to aid in their personal and professional development. Although there are various programs at the U of C to govern the expected quality of TAship, there is not such support specific to Computer Science students. To fill this gap, CSGS runs a CPSC specific support program for TAs. Overall, this program, which is called TA Connect Program, provides information, education and case based support for TAs. This may include orientation, training, and continuous assessment.

TA in Residence
As a part of the TA Connect program, the CSGS in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science have created the role of TA in Residence. The primary purpose for this role is to provide the support of an experienced TA to those who require it, such as advice on preparing for or delivering tutorial, scheduling a substitute TA when traveling to a conference, difficulties with a course instructor or any other question on concern regarding TAing. The TA in Residence for the Fall 2012 semester was Andrew Kuipers and the TA in Residence for the 2013 Winter semester was Rosa Adl.