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New Executives Elected

A new crew has been elected to serve as CSGS executives starting May 2010. The elections for four executive positions have been finalized (VP-Internal, VP-Academic, VP-External, VP-Finance), whereas three positions (President, VP-Social, and VP-Communications) are still vacant. Stay tuned for the updated executives list after the By Elections in May.

Welcome Back Winter Party

Hi everybody! We will have our welcome back party for Winter 2010 on Thursday Feb 4 at 4:30 pm. Stay tuned for more infromation to come.

CSGRC Meeting: January

The CSGRC meeting for January has been scheduled for Friday January 29 at 1:00 pm.

Welcome back to school!

We've had a fun summer this year. The volleyball tournament officially became an annual event with the second tournament in July. Pictures of the tournament are up in the photo gallery. In August we did the fourth annual golf tournament. It was a cold day with the threat of rain, but we made it through the day without getting wet. Chilling Before GolfChilling Before Golf Thank you to everyone who came out to our summer events and made them such a blast. We hope to see people continue to come out for seminars and parties in the Fall term. Keep your eyes open for details on the September party. Ken Teaching GolfKen Teaching Golf

Alberta Government Graduate Citizenship Scholarship

The GSA, on behalf of the Alberta Government, is happy to be able to offer a NEW scholarship: THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT GRADUATE CITIZENSHIP SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship, worth $2000, will be awarded to individuals who do service work in their communities (university and otherwise) - people like YOU!.


You can also find this information on the GSA website at:

If you have any questions, please contact or

Grad Lounge Sticker Required

The GSA is enforcing its membership to gain access to the lounge, so what does this mean for you? Well if you do not have a GSA sticker on your student card, please stop by the GSA office to pick one up. Please keep in mind the office is closed at lunch and you only need one person in your party to have the sticker.

If you are not a grad student you can purchase a membership from the GSA office.

Library Seminar

Library Seminar
Friday, November 28 at 1pm
Information Commons B

This Friday Jennifer Lee our computer science librarian is giving a talk about our library. Come out and learn more about the computer science specific databases and resources available. Later at 2:30 pm come out for tea and get a chance to talk less formally in the 5th floor ICT lounge, discussion will be library themed.

No tricks, just treats

If you ran into people handing out candy in your labs today, or came back to your desk to find candy, chances are good that the CSGS Executive was responsible for this.

If you missed out on candy today, remember that treats are always available weekly at Tuesday Tea :)

Happy Halloween to all!

More movies, more voting

Even though Movie Night #1 was advertised in the most low-profile manner possible, we still saw a decent turnout, and requests for more!

I've spent all weekend brainstorming potential titles we could check out for October 23rd... pick your favourite now!

We continue to entertain suggestions for titles to screen on Facebook; you may also email us with any ideas.

In the meantime, vote for your choice for our next movie night! You can find the poll on the sidebar, or click here.

CSGS Fantasy Hockey

Think your heuristics for player selection are better than anyone else's?

Think your metrics for scoring quality can beat the pack?

Think your strategy for trade scheduling will blow us all away?

Time to prove what you have. We have created a Sporting News fantasy hockey league for you to bring us your best game. To play, select two wingers, a centreman, two defensemen, an extra attacker and a goalie who fit under the salary cap AND who will earn you the most points. Prizes will be given out to our top players! Here's what you do:

  1. Go to, and select "Salary Cap Hockey Challenge: Season 1" (You may need to register for an account on, if you don't already have one)
  2. Create your team (pick a creative name!)
  3. Join our league: Search for "CSGS," and look for the league named "CSGS Fantasy Hockey." The password you need to enter is csgs