CSGS Annual Food Drive

The annual campus food drive is an important event for students in need here at the University of Calgary. In previous years, grad students have accounted for as much as 60% of those who must patronize services such as the food bank. This year, all proceeds will go to the Campus Food Bank.

For the first time, CSGS will be participating in the GSA's Holiday Food Drive. The Departmental Graduate Association which gathers the greatest number of donations will receive a sizeable gift certificate for the Last Defense, so help us compete for the department!

CSGS is also pleased to offer the lab which donates the most points (as outlined below) the honour of receiving the one and only Soup Can Cup, as well as a small prize of their own.

As in previous years, each non-perishable item you donate will net your lab points, while going a long way towards helping students in need, as listed below:

Food Drive Item Points awarded
Dry pasta, rice, lentils and cereal (>=500g) 5
Household supplies (detergent, toilet paper, paper towels) 4
Peanut butter, juice, soy or rice milk (>= 750g or 750mL) 3
Feminine hygiene or family planning products (>=12ct) 3
Toiletries (full-sized toothpaste, bar soap, shampoo, shaving products) 2
Pre-prepared complete meals (Kraft Dinner, Stag Chili), pasta sauce and other meal helpers (marinades, condiments, prepared side dishes) 2
Canned beans and vegetables 2
Canned or dry soup, instant noodles 1
Canned seafood or fruit 1
Other 1
Expired, damaged, or opened/unsealed goods -2

Cash donations will be accepted on December 6 and 7 only, at a value of 1 point per dollar.

Labeled boxes should arrive in your lab by November 20, 2010 for the generous donations of you and your labmates. Here follows a list of currently known box locations:.

Lab Box Location
AI ICT 716
Computer Vision ICT 715
Database ICT 515
iLab MS 680
Networking ICT 720
Programming Languages ICT 618A
Theory ICT 625

Should you wish to donate to the food drive, but are unable to find your box, a donation box will also be left inside the graduate mail room.

The lab with the most points will win "The Soup Can Cup"! More importantly, it will mark your lab as the most caring and generous lab in the department. Donations will be collected on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

For more information, you may contact us at csgs@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, or alternately, talk to your lab rep to get your lab organized.

Please help us help your fellow students, and make campus a better place!