TAing this fall?

August has passed and the arrival of September means that classes will soon be back in session. For some, September 2010 may mark your first days at the University of Calgary campus whereas for others this time marks the transition from the quiet of summer to the bustle of fall.

Please make a note in your calendar of the start of semester TA organizational meeting on Friday September 10th at 3pm in ICT 114 as those acting as Teaching Assistants in the fall semester are required to attend. It's also an opportunity to meet those who'll be your fellow TAs this fall.

For those preparing to TA for the first time, some brief guidance will be given as the organizational meeting. Other advice on where to find assistance can be located on the web site's New to the department? page, including information about workshops being conducted by the University's Teaching and Learning Centre in September. (The CSGS is also organizing an orientation for new students).

Please also be aware of the TA contract with the university which outlines your role as a Teaching Assistant. This contract is to be renegotiated this year, so there may be an opportunity yet to be involved in the renegotiation process if you contact the GSA.

The CSGS exists for you, so if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.