CSGS Beach Volleyball Tournament 2011

Where: Volleydome (2824  24th Ave NW, Calgary).

When: Friday, August 5, 2011, 4pm-6pm.

* we hope all participants will join us afterwards at the Last Defence Lounge (aka the grad lounge) for a brief awarding of prizes and good summer fun.

Fees: The cost for the entire event will be $10. While we are unable to accommodate people who will be missing the volleyball and would only like post-tournament refreshments, those who would like to come out for only volleyball have the option of paying $6 to play.

Sign-up information: Everybody is welcome to participate no matter their skill level, though we anticipate a fun afternoon of relaxed, recreational play. All interested should send us an email at csgs@cpsc.ucalgary.ca with your name and skill level. Please use the following guide to indicate your skill level:

 0) Somebody's going to tell me what to do, right?
 1) I don't scream and duck when the ball comes over the net anymore.
 2) I can serve overhand...more than once a year
 3) I'm just here because I'm too old/short/lazy/busy for the Olympics

  - We decide on team sizes, teammates, and tournament schedule, depending on the number of registrations we receive. However, let us know:
                      - If you have a preference as to potential teammates. 
                      - If you prefer a certain number of players in your team.
  - To help us better make arrangements for the event, please let us know as soon as possible if are interested.