3rd Annual CSGS Golf Tournament sees happy golfers, planes overhead, and pretty ducks.

19 participants (all CSGS members or their guests) headed out to the McCall Lake Par 3 (on 32nd Ave NE, near the airport) on June 19th to try their luck on the links. Five teams competed in a modified Texas Scramble format to see who could put together the best round of golf for the day. After 9 holes of (anything but) intense, back-breaking play, the team of Emir Halepovic, Luke Olsen, Sean Nichols, and Maxwell Sayles managed to outpace all the rest of the competition by a single stroke, and therefore won the tournament!

Back at the Grad Lounge after all teams were done playing, we handed out prizes, while all particpants got the chance to kick back, relax, mingle, and enjoy the refreshments provided.

In addition to the winning team, prizes were handed out to Brad Cossette, Jordan Nielson, and Luke Olsen as the best (and most patient) coaches for the day, to Mylene Matthieu and Mohamed Sorour for being our most improved newcomers. To the two teams which registered double bogeys on a hole during the day, we also gave a small token to all the team members, to commemorate their trials and tribulations ... erasers, so they can "fix" their scores before coming back to the clubhouse next time!

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all of our members from CSGS and their guests for making the day a success. We hope we'll see you all out there next year!