CSGS Beach Volleyball Tournament

The summer is nearly over, and to make the most of what little time is left before the semester begins, the CSGS is organizing a beach volleyball tournament. The tournament will be held on Friday, Aug 22 at the Volleydome. Participation costs $15, and includes an after event party. Everyone, including guests, are welcome to participate, regardless of skill level. The level of play is expected to be highly recreational. We will be assigning the teams, but if you have preferences as to who you would like in your team, please indicate so when you sign up. To sign up, send us an email at csgs@cpsc.ucalgary.ca with your name and skill level. Use the following guide when indicating skill level:

0) Somebody's going to tell me what to do, right?
1) I don't scream and duck when the ball comes over the net anymore.
2) I can serve overhand...more than once a year
3) I'm just here because I'm too old/short/lazy/busy for the Olympics

We promise it'll be fun, fun, fun!