CSGS Food Drive 2013

Every year since 2002, the Computer Science Graduate Society has participated in a Food Bank Drive to help support the Campus Food Bank. The Campus food bank works to help people in the campus community who find themselves in emergency need of food and other necessities of life. Each year CSGS and the rest of the Department of Computer Science work together to gather shelf-stable non-perishable items for donation.

CSGS Food Drive 2013CSGS Food Drive 2013

The Food Bank Drive is also a chance for the different labs a chance for some friendly competition. Based on the need expressed by the Campus Food Bank different items have been assessed different point values (see the table below). Each lab will receive a total number of points based on their donations and the lab that receives the highest total number of points will win the right to have their name carved onto the coveted "Soup Can Cup".

Boxes for the Food Bank Drive have been distributed to each lab. Exact locations will be provided on the CSGS website (csgs.cpsc.ucalgary.ca), if you are unsure where your box is contact your CSGRC labrep or your nearest CSGS Executive (or just hunt around). If you have any other questions please contact csgs@cpsc.ucalgary.ca.

The points for each type of item are as follows:

Points Items
5 Feminine hygiene products, Canned Meat (ham, turkey, chicken), Canned Fish, Pasta and pasta sauce
4 Toiletries (i.e. toothpaste, bar soap), Canned beans, Canned fruits and vegetables
3 Cereal/oatmeal, Meal helpers (i.e. Sidekicks, Hamburger Helpers, etc.), Canned pasta (i.e. Chef Boyardee)
2 Dry soup (i.e. Mr. Noodles, Ichiban noodles, etc.), Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, Gluten-free/veggie products, Rice, Dried Lentils
1 Other Usable Shelf Stable Items
-2 First Expired / Opened Package
-6 Subsequent Expired / Opened Packages

To be donated to the Campus Food Bank, items must be UNOPENED (in effect, in their retail state), UNEXPIRED (before their best before dates), SHELF-STABLE food or toiletries. Unusable items will be counted against your labs total and reduce your overall score. For scoring, we will consider bulk version items to be equivalent to multiples of smaller versions, for example a 1kg package of pasta would be counted the same as 2, 500g packages of pasta. Keep in mind however that smaller packages allow the food bank more flexibility when they are putting together their hampers.

The boxes will be collected on Friday, December 6, 2013. Once collected, the points will be tallied, our donation will be taken to the Campus Food Bank and the winning lab will be announced. The Soup Can Cup will be awarded at an event in January.

Thank you all, in advance, for helping to make a great contribution on behalf of CSGS.

The CSGS exec.