Memories of a Volleyball Ball Boy

So we decided to do something new this year in CSGS. A Volleyball tournament ... not only that, but a beach volleyball tournament. I have to confess I was a little bit skeptical, the Golf Tournament has been successful and people always come to our parties and seminars, but would people come out to a Beach Volleyball Tournament?

Well, Leanne, our VP Social, who's responsible for this kind of thing, persisted and the First Annual CSGS Beach Volleyball Tournament came to be.

And I have to say I was wrong. (Mea culpa)

So 19 people on 4 teams, and one guy loaded down with score sheet and camera hit the sand at the Volleydome for 2 amazingly fun hours.

And we're off!And we're off!

Now I would like to point out that 19 does not divide into 4 as well as it might, so one of our teams was short handed. Sadly enough the guy with the score sheet and the camera didn't step into help (but only because he wasn't paying attention, mea culpa again) so they played the tournament a person down but still did a fantastic job.

John Aycock saves the dayJohn Aycock saves the day

Since I stayed off the court, it gave me the chance to circle around the courts and get some really good photos of everyone looking cool:



Acti ... hey wait! That's not a grad student!Acti ... hey wait! That's not a grad student!

More Action!More Action!

At the end of the day I have to say the tournament was a huge success. A lot of the players wanted to keep going or have another tournament the next week, and that seems like a success to me. So I want to thank everyone who played for making it a great day, especially those of you we don't see that often. You all rock and I hope to see everyone out again next year. The CSGS Executive really appreciates your support!

I also want to take the time to thank our VP Social Leanne Wu who has really put together a great social calendar for us this year. I think the next big social thing for us is going to be our Welcome Back Party in a couple of weeks.


For more pictures, check out the gallery of pictures from the event.

Action! Well ... there was action, I'm just not that fast.Action! Well ... there was action, I'm just not that fast.

(And, just so you know I'm thankful there are no pictures of me running down the hill to retrieve lost balls.)