CSGS Fantasy Hockey

Think your heuristics for player selection are better than anyone else's?

Think your metrics for scoring quality can beat the pack?

Think your strategy for trade scheduling will blow us all away?

Time to prove what you have. We have created a Sporting News fantasy hockey league for you to bring us your best game. To play, select two wingers, a centreman, two defensemen, an extra attacker and a goalie who fit under the salary cap AND who will earn you the most points. Prizes will be given out to our top players! Here's what you do:

  1. Go to http://fantasygames.sportingnews.com/hockey/home.html, and select "Salary Cap Hockey Challenge: Season 1" (You may need to register for an account on sportingnews.com, if you don't already have one)
  2. Create your team (pick a creative name!)
  3. Join our league: Search for "CSGS," and look for the league named "CSGS Fantasy Hockey." The password you need to enter is csgs

Annual General Meeting of the GSA

WHAT: Annual General Meeting of the Graduate Students' Association (GSA)
WHEN: 5:30 PM Thursday, September 25th
WHERE: The Last Defence Lounge (a.k.a. the Grad Lounge) 3rd Floor MacEwan Hall Student Centre - MSC 350
WHO: Open to all graduate students

On Thursday September 25th at 5:30pm the GSA will be holding its annual general meeting. All graduate students are encouraged to come out and participate. If you are unable to attend the meeting and have concerns or questions you would like raised, please contact me and I will ensure they get address. Please come out and join your CSGS representatives in helping to shape the future direction of the GSA. Did I also mention there will be FREE FOOD.

Rylan Cottrell
CSGS VP-External

Welcome Back... it's Pizza time!

CSGS is hosting our annual Welcome Back party in ICT 516 on Thursday, September 18. Expect the festivities (mainly involving pizza, as well as other snacks and refreshments) to start at 4 PM.

This is a great chance for new graduate students to meet fellow graduate students and faculty, and a chance for returning students to catch up with each other after the summer. We encourage you all to come out, and look forward to seeing everybody there!

A Scholarship Seminar Remembered

On Friday, September 12 we had our first academic event of the year. Professor Denzinger spoke about the ins and outs of applying for scholarships. The talk covered not only what do to do when applying, but explained what about the process made each choice important. The slides will not be posted online, but I will try and put an updated and more detailed fact sheet online later this week. Thank you to everyone who helped put this talk together, especially Professor Denzinger for his excellent presentation.

Scholarship Seminar

The Computer Science Graduate Society Scholarship Workshop will provide information about the many scholarships available to computer science grad students and how to get them. Writing a good application requires a good research proposal and a good statement of purpose. Professor Jörg Denzinger will share his experience reviewing research proposals to help you know what to do and what to avoid. Click through for details.

Get involved!

Why get involved?

  • Learn: Pick up and try out new skills and knowledge
  • Connect: Meet new people, build your network!
  • Improve: Feel good about doing something constructive and helping out
  • Build: Volunteer experience looks great on awards applications, resumes, and CVs

If you have some free time and are looking to get involved, please consider the following opportunities:

CSGS Executive members: The CSGS Exeutive boar has vacant positions open. If you are interested in serving as the VP_external or even the President, please contact us.

CSGS Meeting Attendance: CSGS holds general assemblies periodically, feel free to attend and learn about what we are doing/planning and share your thoughts

Grad Lounge is Open Again!

Well after being closed for renovations the grad lounge reopens. With the updated decor comes a new name ``The Last Defence''. Sadly still no all day breakfast.

Memories of a Volleyball Ball Boy

So we decided to do something new this year in CSGS. A Volleyball tournament ... not only that, but a beach volleyball tournament. I have to confess I was a little bit skeptical, the Golf Tournament has been successful and people always come to our parties and seminars, but would people come out to a Beach Volleyball Tournament?

Well, Leanne, our VP Social, who's responsible for this kind of thing, persisted and the First Annual CSGS Beach Volleyball Tournament came to be.

And I have to say I was wrong. (Mea culpa)

So 19 people on 4 teams, and one guy loaded down with score sheet and camera hit the sand at the Volleydome for 2 amazingly fun hours.

And we're off!And we're off!

1st Annual CSGS Volleyball Tournament

VolleyballCSGS Volleyball Tournament

On August 20, 2008 CSGS held its first ever Volleyball Tournament. Nineteen intrepid players came out to join us on the slightly overcast day and a good time was had by all. We played a close tournament and in the end Carey Williamson, Sara Williamson, Ognjen Sobajic, Cyril Negri and Sean Nichols took our first place prize. The players had a great time and we hope this becomes another staple CSGS event in the future. We would like to thank our players, the Volleydome and the Black Lounge for the big success of the event.

Movie Nights are coming back!

We will be holding Movie Nights regularly through the school year again this year. We are entertaining suggestions for titles to screen on Facebook; you may also email us with any ideas.

In the meantime, vote for your choice for our first movie night! You can find the poll on the sidebar, or click here.