CSGS Foodbank Drive 2008

Thank you all for your generous support of the CSGS Foodbank Drive 2008.

We were able to collect close to 300 items of food for the Campus Foodbank and they were very thankful for our donation. This is the 6th year running the Foodbank Drive and we are happy that we've had such a great response over the years.

So without further ado: This year's champion lab and winners of the soup-can cup is the Programming Languages Lab with 289 points!

This is Programming Languages' second time to take home the cup and they are the first ever repeat champions.

We would also like to thank the iCIS Lab who came in second with 167 points and the iLab who came in third with 92 points.

We will give out the Soup Can Cup during today's CSGS New Year's Party (in ICT 516 at 4pm).

Our biggest thanks to everyone and our congratulations to the Programming Languages Lab.

Tyson Kendon
for the CSGS Executive

Welcome Back Party!

The CSGS will be holding a welcome back party on Thursday, 22nd Jan at 4pm. Come by and catch up with fellow graduate students, and welcome the January intakes, while enjoying some tasty treats! We hope to see everyone there!

WHAT: CSGS Welcome Back Party
WHEN: Thursday, 22nd Jan at 4pm

Alberta Government Graduate Citizenship Scholarship

The GSA, on behalf of the Alberta Government, is happy to be able to offer a NEW scholarship: THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT GRADUATE CITIZENSHIP SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship, worth $2000, will be awarded to individuals who do service work in their communities (university and otherwise) - people like YOU!.


You can also find this information on the GSA website at:

If you have any questions, please contact ea@gsa.ucalgary.ca or vpcmr@gsa.ucalgary.ca

Grad Lounge Sticker Required

The GSA is enforcing its membership to gain access to the lounge, so what does this mean for you? Well if you do not have a GSA sticker on your student card, please stop by the GSA office to pick one up. Please keep in mind the office is closed at lunch and you only need one person in your party to have the sticker.

If you are not a grad student you can purchase a membership from the GSA office.

CSGS Christmas Party!

We will be hosting the annual CSGS Christmas party Thursday Dec 4 at 4PM in ICT 516. Come join us to celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of the holiday season! And did we mention there will be free pizza and beverages?

WHAT: Xmas Party!
WHEN: Thursday, Dec 4, 4pm

Library Seminar

Library Seminar
Friday, November 28 at 1pm
Information Commons B

This Friday Jennifer Lee our computer science librarian is giving a talk about our library. Come out and learn more about the computer science specific databases and resources available. Later at 2:30 pm come out for tea and get a chance to talk less formally in the 5th floor ICT lounge, discussion will be library themed.

The next movie night will be Nov 26; what do you want to watch?

Office Space
11% (1 vote)
The Princess Bride
22% (2 votes)
22% (2 votes)
44% (4 votes)
No! No! I'm telling you on Facebook what it should be!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9

No tricks, just treats

If you ran into people handing out candy in your labs today, or came back to your desk to find candy, chances are good that the CSGS Executive was responsible for this.

If you missed out on candy today, remember that treats are always available weekly at Tuesday Tea :)

Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween Fun

Those of you who have been by the Last Defence will know that the GSA is planning on holding their annual Halloween party there on October 31st.

The party will start at 4 PM, and last well into the evening. Wristbands will be required, and these can be acquired from the GSA office on Tuesday, October 28, or possibly at the door.

Remember to wear a costume - there will be a contest, and prizes will be given out to the winners. It should be a lot of fun, and if you haven't made plans for Halloween, do consider dropping by!

More movies, more voting

Even though Movie Night #1 was advertised in the most low-profile manner possible, we still saw a decent turnout, and requests for more!

I've spent all weekend brainstorming potential titles we could check out for October 23rd... pick your favourite now!

We continue to entertain suggestions for titles to screen on Facebook; you may also email us with any ideas.

In the meantime, vote for your choice for our next movie night! You can find the poll on the sidebar, or click here.