Chief Returning Officer Appointed!

We thank everyone who volunteered to fill the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) post for academic year 2008/2009. After receiving and reviewing your nominations, the CSGS executive held a vote during our bi-weekly meeting to appoint the CRO.

Your CRO for 2008/2009 is Navneet Bhalla from the AI Lab. Congratulations Navneet!

Navneet will be responsible for conducting by-elections as well as the annual CSGS executive election next year. Additionally, Navneet will be liaising with the various labs in the department to appoint lab reps for the upcoming academic year. More on that later.

If you are interested in representing your lab in the CSGS, please send an email to Navneet at

All ready to play!

Preparations are pretty much complete for the Beach Volleyball tournament tomorrow. We're anticipating a great turnout, and a warm sunny day for all to enjoy.

Thanks to everybody who's signed up, and stay tuned for our next event!

CSGS Beach Volleyball Tournament

The summer is nearly over, and to make the most of what little time is left before the semester begins, the CSGS is organizing a beach volleyball tournament. The tournament will be held on Friday, Aug 22 at the Volleydome. Participation costs $15, and includes an after event party. Everyone, including guests, are welcome to participate, regardless of skill level. The level of play is expected to be highly recreational. We will be assigning the teams, but if you have preferences as to who you would like in your team, please indicate so when you sign up. To sign up, send us an email at with your name and skill level. Use the following guide when indicating skill level:

0) Somebody's going to tell me what to do, right?
1) I don't scream and duck when the ball comes over the net anymore.
2) I can serve overhand...more than once a year
3) I'm just here because I'm too old/short/lazy/busy for the Olympics

We promise it'll be fun, fun, fun!

3rd Annual CSGS Golfing Tournament a success!

On the 19th of June, the CSGS managed to pry 19 grad students and faculty away from their computer screens to enjoy a day of golfing! This was our 3rd attempt at organizing a golfing tournament, and from the feedback we received, our participants enjoyed it immensely. Our VP Social, Leanne Wu has blogged about it . Next up, our very first volleyball competition! Watch this space for details, coming soon!

3rd Annual CSGS Golf Tournament sees happy golfers, planes overhead, and pretty ducks.

19 participants (all CSGS members or their guests) headed out to the McCall Lake Par 3 (on 32nd Ave NE, near the airport) on June 19th to try their luck on the links. Five teams competed in a modified Texas Scramble format to see who could put together the best round of golf for the day. After 9 holes of (anything but) intense, back-breaking play, the team of Emir Halepovic, Luke Olsen, Sean Nichols, and Maxwell Sayles managed to outpace all the rest of the competition by a single stroke, and therefore won the tournament!

New CSGS Website

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new look CSGS website. We aim to make this website a useful resource for all grad students here in the Dept of Computer Science, so we will be adding lots of content and updating often. So do check back often!

Welcome to the new CSGS blog

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new CSGS blog. We, the CSGS executive, will be updating this blog regularly this academic year with our thoughts and ideas on all things pertaining to graduate student life here in the Dept of Computer Science at the U of C. So check back soon, and don't forget to add our RSS feed to your favourite RSS aggregating tool!