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Information regarding academic events and other similar information.


Many thanks to Rosa Karimi Adl (Winter 2013 TA in residence) who prepared this section.

  1. What is TA?
    The term TA stands for Teaching Assistantship. At the University of Calgary, this role is usually referred to as GA(T) which stands for Graduate Assistantship (Teaching). A GA(T) is a student appointed within the department to help run courses taught by the faculty.
  2. Why should I do TA?
    (a) It benefits the undergraduate students by deepening their knowledge and understanding, facilitating open Discussions, allowing close contact between students and staff, and identifying and assisting struggling students.
    (a) It reduces the workload of the instructor.
    (b) It benefits the TA by providing them with financial support and an opportunity to acquire valuable skills.
  3. Do I have to do TA?
    No. You can decline it by not submitting the request form.

Educational Content

CSGS usually holds a number of educational seminars every year about TAship, Scholarships, etc. We try to upload all materials that are presented in such seminars to this page.

TA Connect Logo

TA Connect Logo

TA Connect Program

Teaching assistants are on the front line of teaching, and contribute greatly to undergraduate education at U of C. We need a program to support students’ work as a teaching assistant and keep them informed of the resources, support measures and initiatives to aid in their personal and professional development. Although there are various programs at the U of C to govern the expected quality of TAship, there is not such support specific to Computer Science students. To fill this gap, CSGS runs a CPSC specific support program for TAs. Overall, this program, which is called TA Connect Program, provides information, education and case based support for TAs. This may include orientation, training, and continuous assessment.

TA in Residence

TA Workshop

In this page, we post information and educational materials related to TA Workshops held by either CSGS or in co-operation with CSGS.

Career Planning Seminars

CSGS and the Department of Computer Science are pleased to present two career planning seminars this month.
Event #1: Thursday, April 5, 4 PM @ ICT 516
Non-Academic Career planning: Making the Move from Academia to Industry
We have some great speakers lined up and they're going to show you:
* how to prepare for your job search (resume and cover letter writing, networking)
* what companies are looking for from graduate students (how to prepare for interviews, leveraging your training, making your job search a career search)
* how to extend your training even further (further certifications, lifelong learning)
Julie Brown is the GSA's Employer Relations and Transitions Coordinator, who helps graduate students transition to permanent careers during and after the completion of

Google Tech Talk: The Go Programming Language

Event Type: Department Event
Seminar Type: Departmental Presentations

Title: Google Tech Talk: The Go Programming Language
Start Time: 03/15/2012 - 18:00
End Time: 03/15/2012 - 19:00
Location: ES 162

Alan Turing Centenary 2012

The University of Calgary will offer a series of talks on Turing's work throughout the Winter and Fall 2012 terms.  The lectures will be aimed at a general audience and are open to the public. Later in the year, Telus Spark will also host some events related to Turing as part of their Adults Only Thursday night series and the Calgary Science Café.

You can watch previous talks on mathtube.

Pason programming contest

The ECE department has hooked up with Pason Systems to sponsor a programming contest on Feb 4. Open to ECE and CPSC students (ugrad/grad). Poster is by the ICT elevators on ground floor. Generous cash prizes!!

There are prizes of up to $1000 in the grad student category now, even though the poster does not show it.

CSGS Award Seminar

We had the CSGS Award Seminar on September 15. The slides for that seminar is attached to this page.