Current Executive Members

Formed in 2002, our goal is to promote student life for the computer science graduate society.
According to the constitution, there are 7 executive positions which all of which are occupied right now, the executive committee members for 2023-2024 are:


Hosein Beheshtifard

Hosein is a master’s student in the vision lab, with a focus on machine learning and deep learning applications in the medical domain. As the president of the Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS), Hosein is responsible for maintaining effective communication with members and ensuring that the society functions effectively in pursuit of its vision and goals. He also represents and advocates for the interests and concerns of the CSGS in meetings with other student organizations, faculty, and administration.

Vice-president  Social

Md Shopon

Md Shopon is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science. He is a member of the Biometric Technologies Laboratory. His research focus is on deep learning, specifically in the exciting realm of biometric technologies. Alongside his studies, he is actively involved in various groups and committees, including the Graduate Students Association’s Newcomers and International Graduate Students subcommittee at UofC. Additionally, he contributed as an Orientation Leader and offer his support at the Student Success Centers.

Vice-president  Internal

Aref Motamedi

Aref Motamedi is a Computer Science graduate student and a researcher in Deep Learning applications on medical data in the Vision Research Lab. His current research focuses on DL-based applications in medical science and medical images. He serves as the Vice President Internal for the Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS). He is responsible for CSGS’s communication with the department and CS Undergraduate Society, with consultation with the President and VP of Communication. Also, in consultation with President, he organizes the Society’s representation on any committee or council.

Vice-president Finance

Soroosh Esmaeilian

Soroosh is a second-year Master’s student specializing in the field of Computer networks. Alongside his academic pursuits, he serves as the Vice President of Finance for the Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS). In this role, Soroosh is responsible for managing the budget allocated to organizing various events and activities. Outside of his academic and financial responsibilities, Soroosh finds great passion in playing tennis, which has become a beloved pastime for him.

Vice-president External

Allan Lyons

Allan is a perpetual student and, although claiming to be in the first year of his PhD program, he has been on campus longer than most other students. His current research interests involve privacy and security on mobile devices and contextual integrity. Besides his academic pursuits, Allan is actively involved in the Graduate Labour Union (GLU) on campus and has contributed to other GSA committees.

Vice-president Academic

Amir Abbas Asgari

Amir Abbas is a Master’s student at the Department of Computer Science. His current research area can be broadly described as computational number theory, and it involves topics from abstract algebra, algorithm optimization, and algebraic number theory. Serving as the Vice-President Academic of the Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS) is a new experience in his professional life. In this position, he is willing to cooperate and consult with the students to enhance their involvement in the department’s academic life from a social point of view.

Vice-president Communication

Fahim Anzum

Fahim Anzum is a computer science Ph.D. candidate and a researcher in the Biometric Technologies laboratory at the University of Calgary. His research investigates novel approaches for enhancing trustworthiness in online social media applications. As the Vice President (VP) of Communication in the Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS), Fahim is dedicated to fostering effective communication and engagement within the diverse graduate student community. He is committed to organizing effective events, workshops, and seminars that facilitate collaboration and personal growth. Additionally, Fahim aims to strengthen relationships between graduate students and external stakeholders, bridging the gap between academia and industry.