New Students Guide

If you are a new student at University of Calgary (Congratulations!) or if you just want some information, you are in the right place! Although this page is not comprehensive, it contains pointers to other relevant and important source of information. This page is by no mean exhaustive, and will be updated.

New Students:
Moving into a new place can be overwhelming. Here are some pointers that may be useful for new student:
Moving to Alberta:
The government of Alberta has information to help you to become a new resident of Alberta. There are something that you need to do here such as getting a new health card, and a new driver’s license.
UofC Computer Science Department :
This website is for everyone in University of Calgary graduate computer science student. It contains welcoming package, your handbook and etc.
Internation Student Service:
Being an international student is more complicated than being a domestic student since you need to worry about other things such as immigration.
TA Connect:
The table has been turned! As a graduate student, you are now expected to teach. Fortunately, CSGS can provide you with some guidance.

Current Students
If you are already a student and you want to do more than just being a student, here are some resource that you can use:

Graduate Student Association:
Learn more about the parent organization for CSGS as well as your supplement insurance.
UofC Faculty of Graduate Studies:
University of Calgary’s site for graduate students.
UofC Computer Science Department:
This website is good for current students as well as new students.
My GradSkills:
If you want to become a better graduate student, University of Calgary has seminars that can take you even further.
Transformative Talent Internship:
If you want to do an internship, University of Calgary can also assist you with that.